Built In Tubs

Heavenly Tubs has designed our Built-In walk-in tubs to fit into your existing standard tubs footprint, eliminating the need for extensive home remodeling. Many of our walk-in tubs are installed in one day! You will love how fast the tub fills and how quickly it drains. Both our Tranquility and Supreme doors swing out giving you more space inside the tub to enjoy.  Our installers are highly experienced and will treat your home and belonging with care and respect.  As always, we stand behind our products. Locally owned and operated, we are there for you.  (Built-In Tubs are currently only available in Utah)

Built In Tubs

Packed full of features you will love

Safety Bar Grab

Safety Bar Grab

Feet Massage

Dual Drains

Fast Fill

Shower Head

Easy On/Off Controls

Intensity Control

3.5" Entry Level 

ADA Seat Height

Water Jets

Supreme Whirlpool Tub

Our U shape door swings out to give you more space inside your tub. The perfectly located grab bars make it super easy to step in and sit safely while your tub fills up.

Tranquility Transfer Tub

Our Transfer Wheelchair door swings out allowing you to pull your wheelchair right up to the seat for easy entry. This tub is highly recommended for those with mobility issues.