Frequently Asked Questions about Heavenly Portable Walk-In Bathtubs

For most men and women, considering a portable walk-in tub is a new adventure; we understand. That is why Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tubs has compiled this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions in order to quickly get you the right answers you need so that you feel 100% comfortable choosing us.

What are the Disadvantages of Walk-in Tubs?

Walk-in tubs are more pricey than regular tubs. Why is that? Well, for one, all walk-in tubs require professional installation. The cost of this remodel can be ; be prepared. Installation is usually done by removing the old tub, which both opens up space and provides adequate plumbing hookups. Unlike a traditional bathtub, a walk-in tub cannot be filled before you enter. For a walk-in bathtub to work, you need to enter the tub, close and lock the door, and then wait for the tub to fill up.

What are the Advantages of Walk-in Tubs?

Walk-in tubs are good for elderly people and anyone with mobility restrictions. Those in wheelchairs can transfer from their wheelchair to the seated position of the tub and bathe. Seniors, who have a hard time standing up for long periods of time, will benefit from a walk-in tub’s comfortable seat. Massage jets can help soothe pain, while other options, like aromatherapy and chromatherapy, provide a relaxing experience. With a Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tub you also have the unique ability to rapidly and easily move the tub in to any room.

Chromotherapy, commonly called color therapy, colorology or cromatherapy, is an alternative medicine method that is considered pseudoscience. Chromotherapists claim to be able to use light in the form of color to balance “energy” lacking from a person’s body, whether it be on physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels.

Color therapy is distinct from other types of light therapy, such as neonatal jaundice treatment and blood irradiation therapy, which are scientifically accepted medical treatments for several problems, as well as from photobiology, the scientific study of the effects of light on living organisms. Chromotherapy is a pseudoscience; practitioners claim that exposure to certain hues of light can help men and women to feel better physically or mentally, which has not been backed up by experimental, peer-reviewed research.

Red-Light Therapy is completely different from Chromotherapy. The cellular improvements provided by the wavelengths in true, Red-Light Therapy products have been proven in many studies. Red and near-infrared light are energy for your cells. Exposing your body to this light enhances your cells function.

Red Light (RL) – Delivered at 660nm, is readily absorbed by surface tissues and cells, leading to enhanced skin health and healing. Near-Infrared Light (NIR) – Delivered at 850nm, is invisible to the human eye, and penetrates into deeper tissues, leading to improved recovery and inflammation support. Recovery+ Near-Infrared Light (RNIR) – is continuous red light and pulsed NIR light which will boost the body’s natural recovery, healing, and regeneration process. It’s perfect for post-workout treatments.

How Long Does it Take to Fill Up My Tub?

It mainly depends on your plumbing system and water pressure. Most clients can fill the 40 gallon Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tub in less than 5 minutes. However, other tubs may take up to 20 minutes to fill completely.

How Long Does it Take to Drain My Tub?

A Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tub has quick-drain technology which allows the tub to drain in less than 1 minute. However, other walk-in tubs make take two or three minutes to entirely drain.

Will the Water Stay Warm in my Walk-in Tub?

This also depends on your water system. If you have a 55-gallon tub, but only have a 50-gallon water heater, you are deplete your hot water before the tub fills up. This can be alleviated by replacing your hot water heater with a higher capacity one, or buying an additional tank-less water heater for your walk-in tub.

Will Medicare Pay or Help Pay for my Walk-in Tub?

Unfortunately, Medicare currently will not reimburse you for a walk-in tub. Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tubs is proactively researching all possibilities for Medicare payments. Hopefully, in the near future, there will be a guaranteed coverage available for Medicare participants who want to purchase a Heavenly Portable Tub.

Will the VA Pay for my Walk-in?

In the past, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has provided walk-ins as a medical benefit for veterans. There may be certain options and benefits available but nothing is guaranteed, unfortunately.

Are Walk-in Tubs Safe?

Yes. Walk-in tubs are outfitted with handrails and non-slip surfaces so you can restrict a fall. Walk-in tubs are designed in such a way that falling in them is practically impossible, and the ADA-compliant seats ensure a safe bathing process. Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tubs has invested more in to a safe bathing environment that any other tub manufacturer because of their commitment to excellence and safety.

Many Walk-in Tubs Have the Option for the Door to Swing in-or-out. Which is Best?

Many walk-in tubs come with the customizable option to switch the door from swinging inward or outward, so you can pick which one you want after testing. Tub doors that swing-inward take up slightly less room since the door folds into the bathtub itself. However, these bathtubs are oftentimes larger in size.

The biggest disadvantage is that, in an emergency, it would be very problematic to open the door inward while the tub was full. Outward-swinging doors are more common in smaller tubs and can easily be opened in an emergency. Over the years, Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tubs pioneered the best outward-swinging door technology in the industry and has never considered an inward-swinging door due to safety issues.

How Do I Best Clean My Walk-in Tub?

Cleaning a standard walk-in tub is as simple as adding a quarter-sized amount of dishwashing soap and a cup of common bleach and operating that mixture in your tub for 15 minutes. Then, drain the tub, fill the tub again with new water and run the system for another 15 minutes. Consult your Heavenly Portable Tubs ‘User Manual.’

Heavenly Tubs

Heavenly Tubs

Heavenly Portable Walk-In Whirlpool Tub has pioneered the World’s first and only Portable Walk-in Whirlpool Tub. We are the Best-Rated and Highest-Reviewed 5-Star solution for convenient daily hygiene and therapeutic treatments for seniors, disabled and athletes alike. Our Portable Tubs do not require renovations of the home and save homeowners thousands of dollars renovation cost.

A Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tub solves all the physical challenges of bathing while providing complete flexibility and a perfect-and-safe relaxation solution for anyone needing a therapeutic ‘soak.’ Do not be fooled by tub companies that say they are portable but only offer built-in tub solutions.

Our patented, portable bathtub was specifically created with convenience, safety, and flexibility in mind. We deliberately designed our durable tubs to accommodate every mobility challenge, such as remodeling cost, limited space as well as being flexible enough to serve multiple purposes for all levels of physical capabilities.

Give us a call at 855.400.4913.

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Out latest testimonial of another happy customer! Reida S. says: I love my Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tub! I had not been able to bathe for several years because of the weakness in my body due to Parkinsons disease. Getting in and out of a tub was impossible. Now, with my Heavenly Walk-In Tub, I can enjoy the relaxing effects of a tub bath again, plus the massage effect from all those nice jets. The reason we chose to purchase this particular tub was the steel door and the lifetime guarantee on it. Also, I love the number of air jets. Overall, I just love the tub! All the people we dealt with at the office were wonderful. We are very impressed with the company and with the product.

Our mission is to enrich our customers independence, quality of life and safety by providing an enjoyable bathing experience in their most comfortable environment at an affordable price.

Always check with your Health Care Provider prior to using any form of hydrotherapy and/or bathing. Make sure that the water temperature is at the appropriate level; take into consideration the people who will be using it. Hydrotherapy may need to be avoided or used with caution in people with the following and/or similar health conditions: Cardiovascular (Heart) disease, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Colds, Flu, or other Respiratory infections, Infectious diseases, High fever, Skin infections, Pregnancy and/or Cancer or Kidney disease. Avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs in the tub. Hot water will amplify the effects of any alcohol/drugs. Falling asleep in water can be very dangerous. Never use electrical devices in/near the tub (including phones, radio, TVs or any other corded devices). Follow all safety instructions and age appropriate guidelines.

Made In Utah, USA

As the category creator, inventor and highest-rated manufacturer of Portable, Walk-In Whirlpool Tubs, we are honored to let you know that since 2010, our tubs have been 100% assembled and Made in Utah, USA. Our superior quality standards have been best met through domestic manufacturing. Controlling every step of manufacturing process allows Heavenly Portable Walk-In Whirlpool Tub to: (1) Verify the highest product quality, (2) Control costs while providing competitive tub pricing, and (3) Supply professional and responsive customer service. Heavenly Portable Walk-In Whirlpool Tub is proud to be American owned and operated.


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