Portable Tubs

Heavenly Tubs has pioneered an entirely new concept of Portable Walk-In Whirlpool Tubs. When we first entered the walk-in tub industry in 2010 with our Built-In Walk-In tubs, we quickly realized the need for a new and revolutionary Portable Walk-In tub solution. This One of a kind tub requires No Installation, No Remolding and offers an easy Hookup saving you or your loved one thousands of dollars. Today we are still the only company in the world that offers a Portable Walk-In Whirlpool Tub.

Our patented, portable Walk-In tubs were specifically designed with SAFETY, CONVENIENCE, and FLEXIBILITY in mind. Allowing you or your loved one the freedom and independence everyone deserves. Using a Walk-In Tub is one of the safest ways to take a bath and experience the benefits of Hydrotherapy with little or no assistance. All of our tubs come with low-level door thresholds, built in safety grab bars, slip resistant textured floors and 17″ADA seat height. The durable lightweight design rolls easily on wheels and will fit through most standard door frames making it easy relocate.

Our patented, portable bathtub was specifically created with convenience, safety, and flexibility in mind.
We deliberately designed our durable tubs to accommodate every mobility challenge, such as remodeling cost, limited space as well as being flexible enough to serve multiple purposes for all levels of physical capabilities

In the event of relocation, unplugging the transporting the tub is a quick move since the tub unit is on wheels. With a Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tub, this means absolutely no remodeling is needed no matter where you live or move to. This ease of transportation also makes the work of a caretaker, if you have one, much easier.

Portable Tubs

Packed full of features you will love


Safety Grab Bar 

Fast Fill Faucet 

Quick Drain Pump

Foot Massage

Low Entry Step

Massaging Water Jets

ADA Seat Height


Genesis Portable Walk-In Tub

Divine Portable Walk-In Tub

With Transfer Door